4 Apps For Better Productivity & organisation
If there’s one thing I’m absolutely terrible with its productivity and organisation. I am your typical Gemini. With the element of air and being ruled by mercury I hate routine and suck at being productive. People born under this Sun sign often have a feeling that something missing and are constantly seeking. Yup sounds familiar. Over the years, I’ve begun leaning more and more on apps to help with organization and productivity. You can find an app for nearly everything, with some really great ones making life so much easier.
So, I thought I’d share some of the apps that have become crucial for me daily.


  • Evernote
If I could only recommend one app This is probably it. I have different folders in Evernote for everything – blog post ideas, photo ideas, to-do lists, shopping lists, wish lists, etc. It keeps all of my thoughts and ideas together, organized, and easily synced between all of my devices.
  • Google Calendar
This app/site is easy to use and very innovative – I recently moved back to android and forgot how much I loved this version of calendar. you’re able to import calendars from all of your devices + you can colour code events onto different days, so visually it’s easy to keep on top of everything.
  • Plann
This is going to be the only social media app I’m going to recommend I don’t think social media is good for productivity as you end up mindlessly scrolling for hours. But having a blog comes hand in hand with having an Instagram account and this app keeps me kinda organised. Sometimes I’ll take a few pictures on my phone that are Instagram-worthy, but I don’t want to post them all at the same time – that’s where Plann comes in. You can schedule photos for Instagram, and it’s such a time saver because you just upload your photo and write a description, and then they’ll post the photo for you at the scheduled time you’ve chosen. Super easy!
  • Nike fitness
A recent discovery of mine is the Nike fitness app. Yoga and Pilates are two of my favourite workouts for the mind and body. You can input all your personal information and choose lots of workouts depending on your mood, there’s a timer and you can visually see somebody on the screen explaining how to carry out each move. Being able to visually see this helps keepme motivated. 

Which apps do you use to help with productivity?

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