Life goals i’d love to achieve in the next few years
This is something I have wanted to write down and visualise for the longest time. A mix of lifestyle goals, personal goals and dreams which I hope will keep me motivated. Life Goals I’d love to achieve in the next few years!

Work on my blog more

The motivation for this one comes and goes frequently! Like last week I wrote and published 6 days of the week but this week I haven’t written anything. I’d really love to set myself more of a long-term plan and goals for my blog and see what I can do with it. I am filled to the brim with inspiration and ideas I just need to get them out in words!

Life goals

Qualify as counsellor and (or) Life coach

A few weeks ago I set in motion steps for the rest of my life. If you had asked me just two short years ago “Where do you see yourself in five years” I probably wouldn’t have even heard you never mind even contemplating the questions and possibilities. Something happens when you hit rock bottom, you can’t go any further! The only way is up. Doing a complete 180 has taken time, took so many tears and doubt but I am determined beyond belief. I have always known I wanted to work in a career that allows me to make a difference, feel a sense of purpose and help people authentically.
“Sometimes, you just need a break, alone to figure everything out”.

Write a book

If you know me or meet me you’ll soon learn I am pretty boring! I frequently say I am the most boring twenty-something-year-old you will ever meet but I have a story to share. (A glimpse into what the topic will be based around) One of my strong believes people will be able to relate to my story and more importantly, I want to share the truth, the bits that are glossed over when it comes to having a baby premature in your early twenties, family breakdowns and hitting rock bottom. I am so passionate about raising awareness and exploring questions of why and achieving an insight into my behaviour and others involved in our story.
What kind of things do you want to achieve in the next few years?

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