Skin secrets – A guide to glowy skin


Good makeup starts with good skincare something I am a firm believer in. After working in Harvey Nicholas on the beauty floor one thing that was certain, behind all the incredible makeup the girls had a solid skincare routine.


I can not stress enough how important it is to drink water, I get it, to some
it’s bland and boring, but you can shake it up a little by adding your favourite fresh fruits or even some cucumber or lemon. Water flushes out all the toxins our body doesn’t need, so if you want that glowing skin…girl you better drink up!

Exercise be it a little or a lot it honestly doesn’t matter just get that blood pumping and you will notice a huge difference in that complexion.

Glowy hydrated skincare

Hydrate hydrate hydrate! One thing you need to drill into your head is hydration is an important factor to plump, glowy skin. Dehydrated skin leads to dull skin and wrinkles.

You don’t need to spend a small fortune to have good skin care. High end or drugstore just keep it hydrated.


I’m a firm believer in keeping things simple so that you can reap the benefits of all your favourite products. Its super easy to get caught up in a lavish skincare routine, but truth be told after applying 3-4 products on your skin, you will begin to cancel out the benefits of anything more, and you will essentially just be diluting products applied.


Being beauty trained using dermalogica I was always taught to double cleanse. Removing making the first time with an oil-based cleanser and cleaning the skin with a suitable product. Currently, my holy grail is Liz Earle cleansing cream a classic for a reason.

I prefer a chemical exfoliation, The Ordinary Glycolic Acid is an alpha hydroxyl acid. I’ve noticed a huge difference in my skin texture and radiance.
Hyaluronic Acid has been my holy grail discovery. An intense hydration that’s delivered deep into my skin I can’t get enough!

I go wild with moisturiser and my skin loves it using a light cream means I can add more if needed.

My routine usually stays the same morning and evening although during the colder months I will apply an oil on top if my moisturiser for added hydration.

I will only exfoliate and mask 3 times a week so my simple skincare routine is to cleanse, serum and moisturise.


  • Liz Earle cleanser
  • Hyaluronic acid
  • Retinol
  • AHA & BHA mask
  • Narola oil


Microdermabrasion is my favourite salon treatment.

Available at Debenhams Oasis Spa. £65

This treatment deep cleanses, detoxifies, resurfaces, re-balances and oxygenates the
skin. After only one treatment the skin is visibly clearer, smoother and renewed…Ah-may-zing!


  • Rich moisturising / soothing mask
  • Eye cream/gel

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