UK Travel Bucket List

I love a holiday as much as the next person but I am far from travelled. I wasn’t part of the groups of teenagers travelling Australia or Europe which I don’t regret as it was more partying than sightseeing. Still counting myself lucky to have visited Paris, Poland and Spain but this was before smartphones had incredible image quality. As I’ve got more into photography after starting to grow my blog this has lead me to want to travel more.

Last year I visited Chester with Michael and fell in love the quintessential, small, English town Which lead me to look closer to home and I soon discovered there are beautiful places across the UK which makes it super easy to travel with Olivia.

Weekends away to cute cottages in the middle of nowhere – rather than spending a fortune on one week in a foreign country sounds perfect to me! Anyway here are the places currently on my UK bucket list…


A unique picturesque village in the North of Wales which was designed in the style of an Italian village. Its honestly one just for the #instagoals.

I mean obviously I would be going for a mini break too but anywhere that looks as photogenic as this is somewhere I’m desperate to go. When you’re passionate about photography you just feel the need to go anywhere where you will get some beautiful shots. Portmeirion definitely looks like that sorta place


Rich in ancient history york has been voted the perfect holiday destination for couples and families. Renowned for exquisite architecture and beautiful cobbled streets it really looks like a pretty city.

One place we love to join throughout the summer is the national trust which has amazing spots in and around York including Rowntree park where you can feed the ducks so perfect for children and Breezy knees gardens which is the perfect photo spot.


Porthcurno is an award-winning beach in Cornwall. Tucked in Cornwall’s far west, the beach is a popular summer spot, thanks to the fine white sand and turquoise water for which it is famed.

The beach is sheltered by the high cliffs on either side, making it a cosy spot to spend the day soaking up the sun. The white sandy beaches are beautiful and a popular tourist destination.


London will always have a place in my heart. I’m honestly not sure how old I was when I fell in love with Visiting Central London. The summer months transform this city especially Trafalgar Square.

Yet its the picturesque hidden spaces that I am now keen to explore.  While not a specific place, London’s mews streets look beautiful. From Kensington to Notting Hill, Holland Park to Paddington, the city has no shortage of these secret streets. Pink houses, painted doors, overgrown gardens, and cobblestones all make the mews some of the most beautiful spots in the city.

One place I dream of visiting outside of the UK is Mykonos the ultimate beautiful view. Whitewashed towns with pops of vibrant blue breathtaking 

So those are the places I am hoping to travel to this year. Weekends away staying in cute cottages, cobbled walkways and sunshine.

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